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  • Wheeled toys designed to be ridden by children, e.g. tricycles, scooters, pedal cars (excl. normal bicycles with ball bearings); dolls` carriages
  • Dolls representing only human beings
  • Toys (excl. wheeled toys designed to be ridden by children, dolls` carriages and dolls representing only human beings); reduced-size "scale" recreational models, working or not; puzzles of all kinds
  • Articles for funfair, table or parlour games, incl. pintables, billiards, special tables for casino games and automatic bowling alley equipment
  • Festival, carnival or other entertainment articles, incl. conjuring tricks and novelty jokes, n.e.s.
  • Articles and equipment for general physical exercise, gymnastics, athletics, other sports, incl. table-tennis, or outdoor games, not specified or included in this chapter or elsewhere; swimming pools and paddling pools.
  • Fishing rods, fish-hooks and other line fishing tackle n.e.s; fish landing nets, butterfly nets and similar nets; decoys and similar hunting or shooting requisites (excl. those of headings 9208 and 9705)
  • Roundabouts, swings, shooting galleries and other fairground amusements; travelling circuses, travelling menageries and travelling theatres (excl. booths, incl. the goods on sale, goods for distribution as prizes, gaming machines accepting coins or toke